I started this as a personal project on paper, just a sort of journaling exercise. What have I learned from this? There's so much that I am interested in! Ugh no wonder I love wikipedia.
  1. History
  2. Early American history
    1607-1820 or so
  3. Medieval history
    Also philosophy, religion, art, politics...
  4. The Renaissance
    History, religious changes, politics, art...
  5. Ancient history and cultures
    Also mythology
  6. Post-Roman, pre-Norman Britain
    Aka Anglo-Saxon but that wasnt really until the 5th or 6th century
  7. Tudors
  8. Borgias
  9. Renaissance Popes in general
  10. D'Este family of Ferrara
    Again, Renaissance
  11. Knights Templar
  12. Folk tales and heros
    Mainly English and American
  13. Isis/Osiris cycle
  14. Cleopatra
  15. The Roman world Cesar through the first century CE
  16. Syncretic religions and mystery cults of the first century or so
  17. Roman-Celtic Arthurian legend
  18. Nuns and mysticism of the medieval period and early Renaissance
  19. Classic literature
  20. Wes Anderson movies
  21. Introspective movies
  22. High fashion
    Especially if it's more conceptual or avant-garde
  23. Concept albums turned musicals
    Evita, Hamilton, ect
  24. Indie music
    Rock, pop, folk
  25. Painting
  26. Drawing
  27. Pottery
  28. Steampunk
  29. Rock opera
  30. Old books
  31. Old things
  32. Castles
  33. Baking
  34. Cooking
    Especially Italian and Indian food
  35. Gothic cathedrals