Let it goooooooooooo
  1. False friends
    Also former who have been separated by time and distance. Facebook is both a boon and a pain.
  2. Former selves
    I am not who I was one, five, or twenty years ago. Let it go.
  3. Self doubt
    What is it they say, that the highest walls we need to climb are from within ourselves? Yeah.
  4. Missed opportunities
    No, those things didn't happen the way I had once hoped or dreamed they would. So what? I have so much more going for me now than I could have ever imagined.
  5. Not studying abroad
    I blamed my poor grades and not finding a program that would work with my majors. I see my friends reminiscing about their adventures and I'm so resentful! F that.
  6. Blaming how I grew up for who I am
    I moved close to a dozen times growing up, and almost as many schools. I look back and see how weird I was, and I place the blame. Again, f that. Move on.