Also, why is it so freaking complicated?
  1. So I got married back in January
    Hands down the happiest day of my life.
  2. And I decided to take my husband's name
    I love sharing it with him.
  3. Side note: my original last name was pretty unique, but at least now the Bird jokes are new
    There are only so many Friend jokes you can hear before you want to change your name (yes my maiden name is Friend)
  4. So. Married, check. Time to change my name, right?
    Not quite.
  5. We waited forever for our marriage license to be returned
    Like two and a half months
  6. Finally I called and put in a request to get a copy mailed to us
    Actually I called only to find out I could do it online all along
  7. So it arrived
    Yay! We're legally married!
  8. And I went to the Social Secirity office about a week later
    I took the day off actually
  9. I stood in line for about two hours
    It sucked.
  10. But once I was meeting with someone, it was over in like five minutes
  11. Then a week or so later my new social security card arrived
    Yay legal name change!!
  12. And a few weeks after that I take off work again and go to the DMV
    Everyone's favorite place!
  13. Thankfully mine had an online sign-in that reserves your spot in line for you!
    By the time I drove the 45 minutes from town I only had to wait 12!
  14. Halfway through signing for my new license I forgot what name I was writing
    Oops. Thankfully "friend" and "bird" share an "I" and a "d". It looks...messy but ok
  15. Hooray! Now I have two forms of ID!
  16. So that was in April. Now let's fast forward two months to now.
  17. We've moved to Corpus Christi, my new name is on an apartment lease, and I'm using it all the time
  18. I still get caught when I introduce myself though
    Guess it takes some getting used to
  19. And I don't really think of myself as "Grace Bird"
    At least not consistently
  20. Last month we went to LA and Colorado and I was so thankful we'd booked the flights as Bird
    Which we did before I got my name changed. I was worried I'd have to call the airline and make a big fuss or something.
  21. The only thing left (I hope) is the banks...
  22. So my personal account is with a regional bank
    Never had a problem before
  23. Aaaaaaaaand their closest branch is now three hours away
  24. So I can't just jaunt in, wave my marriage license around and get my name updated
  25. So what do I do? Find a new, local branch of a more national bank?
  26. It would be so nice if when getting your marriage license you could just tick a box saying you'll be changing your name
  27. And a message would go out to all the places that use your social security number
  28. And they'd be notified of the name change
  29. It would be so easy right?
  30. Anyways, I love my new name and it'll all work out sooner or later