60 years of life distilled into one list
  1. If it doesn't work one way, turn it around.
    When I first coined this, it referred to the pragmatic need to make one object fit into another. But I found it applies to much more.
  2. Do nothing, go nowhere
    I heard this in a dream I had. Don't fear the unknown or discomfort, they are but minor hurdles to enlightenment.
  3. Measure twice, cut once.
    In all things, be mindful of what you are doing and its consequences.
  4. Read the instructions.
    Sure, it SHOULD be self-evident but it's often not.
  5. Speaking of which, avoid using the word "should."
    Horrible imposition on free will..."you should do this..." Do what you think is right, not what others think you should.
  6. Everything is derivative
    Original, truly creative moments are the rarest of things.
  7. Most people are stupid
    Many folks are offended when I say this. It's proof positive I'm right.
  8. You can only make them worse
    My guiding principle in child rearing.
  9. If things are not going according to plan, it's time to change the plan
  10. Anything worth having is hiding in plain sight
  11. The perfect is the enemy of the good.