People don't understand what a dietitian is. They think all we do is tell people to eat 🍎🍊🍏🍍, this couldn't be further from the truth! So let me help set the record straight on what a dietitian is, what they do, and how you become one!
  1. "So you're like a nutritionist?"
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    NO! You really wanna know how to tick off an RD/dietetics major? Call them a nutritionist. To be a nutritionist, you just have to be a breathing human being to be qualified to be a nutritionist. You're drunk Uncle Sam is a nutritionist, your bartender is a nutritionist, anyone can be a nutritionist! Dietitians are the ONLY health professionals qualified to give sound nutrition advice. I mean we get a Bachelor's, Master's, and Dietetic Internship. We've worked years to earn the title!
  2. "You're a dietitian, but you're eating 🍟🍦🍕🍰???
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    You're darn right I am!!!! We are HUMAN! We like foods that aren't the best for our bodies, but guess what? That's okay! Everything is great in moderation people!
  3. Or just the opposite, "Oh my gosh don't watch me eat! I didn't bring salad today!"
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    I. Don't. Care. Seriously I can preach all day long about what you should eat, but in the end it all comes down to YOU wanting to make that change. Even when you do decide to make the change, we won't bully you or make you feel bad! Motivational Interviewing 101 people.
  4. "What vitamin supplements should I take?"
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    None. The answer is none. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA, this means the manufacturer can put whatever they want in the pill. And anyways, the BEST way to get nutrients is through FOOD! So pass on the vitamin K supplement and buy a dang bag of spinach instead.
  5. "Where are you doing you're internship at?"
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    No one knows the answer to this until April people!! Here's how it works. We apply to any internship we want, through a hellish system called DICAS, interview, and hopefully get matched. And on Match Day, you get accepted to ONE or NONE. That's right, ONE or NONE, this is one of the most competitive and strenuous things ever. Especially since the national acceptance rate is 43%. That means college is full of leadership, 4.0's, no social life, and crying in the fetal position at random moments.
  6. "How much does your internship pay?"
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    Nothing. The answer is nothing. WE pay them! We pay for 40+ hour unpaid work weeks, classes, exams, and preparing for the registration exam.
  7. "But Dr. Oz said..."
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    Dr. Oz is not a credible nutrition source, don't rely on him! Doctors are great but you know what their nutrition background is? ONE nutrition class in college. And it's the easy one that says eat your fruits and veggies! Go to a dietitian.