I can avoid most of these things. Yet, I still live in a daily fear of them.
  1. Ostriches
    No. Never. Never going to a drive up safari or the zoo. They blink the wrong way and have a scary neck. No.
  2. Most dogs
  3. My neck being touched or broken
  4. Appendicitis
  5. Forest fires
  6. Uncle Sam
    Or any World War II drawings.
  7. The feel of toothpaste
  8. Bermuda Triangle
  9. Hitchhikers
  10. Excessively large barcodes
  11. Chainsaws
  12. Places where things are being built
  13. Falling off a freeway
  14. Poisonous thorns and splinters
  15. Getting run over by a train
  16. Unstable bridges
  17. The Bahamas
    Look at the country on a map. That water is too blue.
  18. My heart beating so fast that it stops
  19. Empty hospital hallways
  20. People hating something I give them so much that they then don't like me anymore.
  21. Falling asleep and never waking up
  22. Serial killers that haven't been discovered yet