Yes I realize there are worse cities but this city, brings me nothing but unhappiness.
  1. The local news
    Including but not limited to: the anchors, the accuracy of the weather, unhelpful morning segments, local talk shows
  2. The restaurant selection
    As a city, there is maybe 10 to 15 places to get breakfast.
  3. The San Antonio Spurs
    I know I should participate in the city-wide ridiculousness but, I just don't care. I change the station.
  4. The useless episode of Community after Jimmy Fallon delaying Seth Meyers
  5. Lack of beach
    I know this can't be helped but my yearning for the beach is so strong
  6. Lack of fun
  7. Lack of people I care to be around
    This doesn't mean everyone but, I find going out frustrating.
  8. Lack of rain
  9. No movie theaters showing indie movies
  10. Summer heat
  11. Poor showtime and HBO scheduling
  12. Airport parking
  13. There's really only one grocery store
    Maybe this is why I think Whole Foods and Trader Joes are the happiest places of the city
  14. Air quality
    I cry when I have to leave other cities' nice, breathable air.
  15. Radio stations
    Can we not with the same five songs every twenty minutes.
  16. The condition of the roads
  17. People I care to see in concert don't care to come to this place because, why.
    Every once in awhile I'll get lucky with a Sarah McLachlan or a Diana Ross but, I can't blame them for not coming.
  18. The breakfast tacos + constant almost non-stop consumption of sweet tea
    Not interested.
  19. Fiesta
    I don't want to find confetti everywhere for weeks or have medals pelted at me or get drunk in a park. No thank you.
  20. HEB
    You are not the only grocery store in Texas. I'd like an Albertsons or a Ralph's. You do have nice rotisserie chicken salad and seasonal Wedding Cake ice cream though