I'm not awful at these.
  1. Avoiding people I know at the grocery store
  2. Organizing my TV schedule to watch everything as soon as possible
  3. Being very loyal to something people don't seem to care about
  4. Finding a good quiet place to sit
    And continue avoiding people
  5. Walking in the rain and remaining virtually dry
  6. Appearing presentable while putting in the least amount of effort possible
  7. Waking people up in a nice way
  8. Buying lots of things I absolutely do not need but find them worth the small amount I pay for them
  9. Finding a good deal on a hotel
  10. Taking a nap
  11. Fully relaxing
  12. Getting someone to where they need to be
    Because I'm a human GPS
  13. Using the correct cleaning products
  14. Selecting a good flower and card for a person based on personality
  15. Knowing the current score to any game on TV at the moment or who is playing who in the coming days
  16. Finding a personal anecdote to relate to anyone's story.
  17. Informing others on the penalties they face for crimes they're not going to ever do.
    Prisons are interesting guys.
  18. But most of all, wrapping presents.