Obscure but very specific things that bring joy to my life.
  1. Carnival by Natalie Merchant
    Everything Natalie Merchant has ever and will ever do makes me happy.
  2. Thunderstorms that last for days
    Preferably during winter while it's cold and gloomy
  3. Watching endless amounts of TV
    And being able to quote episodes without thinking. I'll make a different list of shows.
  4. Talking on the phone for over an hour
  5. The ocean, the beach, watching waves, beach houses, beach waves, sand, seashells, beach shops, beach towns, everything beach related.
  6. Surprising people with gifts
  7. Laughing until my ribs hurt
  8. Learning about prisons/cults
  9. The color sea foam green
  10. Color coding, organizing, alphabetizing
  11. Things that let me have a nice cry
  12. Writing people cards/finding (or making) the perfect card for someone
  13. Beautiful, strong women
  14. Cereal after midnight
  15. Finding good deals
  16. Really soft blankets
  17. Airports
    As long as no one is leaving me
  18. Sunday's
  19. Wrapping presents
  20. Green and blue glass jars/vases
  21. Maps and giving people directions
  22. Talk shows
  23. Waiting in lines/antique shopping/watching old TV shows/eating/saying goodnight and good morning/walking down streets quickly/singing soundtracks/experimentally being youthful/endlessly being with/talking to and laughing/crying with @miazapanta
    Pretty much everything.
  24. HGTV magazine
  25. Used book sales
  26. Painting/doing crafts alone on a Saturday night
  27. My mom, always.
  28. The 10 minutes after the sun sets
  29. People watching
  30. Coffee table books
  31. When someone asks me for advice
    I want to be wise. I want people to listen to me while I tell them how great they are.
  32. Introducing people to things I like
  33. Coffee mugs
  34. A completely empty road
  35. Thanksgiving day
  36. @lennonparham and Jessica St. Clair
    (both individually and together) for everything they are, do and say that makes me smile and laugh but sometimes also cry. (And for letting me believe we're all kind of friends)
  37. Office supply stores
  38. Going to events alone
  39. Wandering around stores aimlessly for hours
  40. Kitchen islands with bar stools
  41. A winter nap
    with an electric blanket
  42. Methodically burning people CD's
  43. A good fine point pen with true blue ink
  44. Laying on the floor
  45. Melodic music
  46. Nice bathrooms
  47. Fuzzy robes from the men's department
  48. Fall back- day light savings time
  49. A really good salad
  50. The scent of gardenia
  51. Crystals and cool rocks
  52. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
  53. Snickerdoodles
  54. Playing board games with more than two players
    Only child problem
  55. Seafood
  56. Michaels/Bed, Bath & Beyond/The Container Store
  57. Wendy's chicken nuggets and frosty's
  58. Eating oatmeal and reading the newspaper
  59. Sewing things by hand
  60. Checking the mail
  61. Saxophones or lots of strumming on guitars
  62. Really nice weather
  63. When Judge Judy yells at incompetent people the way I wish I could.
  64. People who know a lot about astrology
  65. 1000 thread count, satin sheets
  66. Flossing twice a day
    As everyone should
  67. The transition noises on Seinfeld
  68. Typing astonishingly fast on a desktop keyboard
  69. Intricately braiding hair
  70. Sutton Foster's Instagram/double bun hairstyle
  71. Small towns with a claim-to-fame restaurant
  72. Really old clocks
  73. A good use of vocabulary
  74. The Kentucky Derby
  75. Winter Olympics
    I don't leave the house.
  76. Informing people about Casey Anthony with a brief 10 minute speech
  77. Hotel pillows
  78. Talking to someone outside at night
  79. Seasonal decorations
  80. Feeling needed