For a Sunday morning, when it's appropriate to watch the Golden Girls all day.
  1. Pick out the things you'd buy in an estate sale
  2. Note how many times the four of them are wearing primary colors.
    Red, blue, yellow and green.
  3. Count how many robes each one wears
  4. Wonder why Sophia never gets to sit at the table during cheesecake
  5. Crave cheesecake
  6. Dream of this being your life
  7. Pick out all the clothes you want
  8. Wonder why there are so many commercials
  9. Sing Thank You For Being A Friend and then write your friends thank you cards
  10. Count how many times Rose said something ridiculous
  11. Count how many times the others made fun of Rose
  12. Wonder how Blanche has so many accessible men in Miami
  13. Why don't they go to the beach more
    What's the point of living in a beach city with your three best friends if you don't even go to the beach everyday
  14. Note the napkin holder
  15. "Hi, it's me Stan" is how everyone should enter a room
  16. Start calling your patio/deck area "the lanai"
  17. Assign your favorite three friends and yourself a character
  18. Count the number of prescribed medication commercials
  19. Hum the instrumental after the theme song
  20. Clip on earrings? Or real?
  21. I need Sophia to come cook for me
  22. Shady Pines or Roselawn.
  23. Watch the episode four times and only pay attention to one of the ladies
  24. The physical TV Guide is beautiful
  25. Select a quality favorite episode.
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    Season 3, episode 1 is mine. "Old Friends"