Awesome Preservation Projects to Support in Your City!

We've partnered with Heineken to showcase places that matter as they bring The Cities Project to 10 cities across the country. From Honolulu to Philadelphia, Los Angeles to Chicago, the projects promise to delight and dazzle all who experience them. Learn more about the projects and how you can help (plus get great perks) at
  1. Sweet Auburn Water Tower
    A water tower that rises above Atlanta's famous Sweet Auburn neighborhood will be transformed by local artists to refresh the 111-year-old structure with eye-catching public art.
  2. Voiceover: Chicago
    Voiceover is a public audio installation that will collect residents’ personal stories about what makes the Windy City so special. Audio recordings with their reflections will be broadcast on speakers on Chicago’s elevated Bloomingdale Trail—the heart of The 606.
  3. Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial
    The only ocean-water swim venue built as a war memorial, the Natatorium celebrates Hawaii’s indigenous swimming traditions and honors the Hawaii citizens who served in World War I. The Indiegogo campaign will kick off an effort to restore this treasure with 21st century engineering so the public can enjoy it once again.
  4. Houston Astrodome
    Dubbed the “8th Wonder of the World,” the Houston Astrodome hosted sporting and cultural events but has been shuttered for almost a decade. The Indiegogo project will fund a public installation and event that invites people to experience the Dome in a whole new way.
  5. LA's Triforium
    An effort to rehabilitate this quirky, iconic 1970s structure will help bring music to the heart of downtown Los Angeles. This project will aim to breathe new life into the Triforium and its unique sound system.
  6. Little Havana
    The Little Havana neighborhood is at the heart of Miami and a symbol of the American melting pot. This project, inspired by the famed “Humans of New York” effort, will commission a local photographer and writer to capture the residents’ colorful lives.
  7. New York State Pavilion
    The shining star of the 1964 World’s Fair, the Pavilion charmed millions with its futuristic architecture. Today, efforts are being made to renovate the site, and this project will help to repair its entryway.
  8. Philadelphia's Rail Park
    Like Manhattan’s High Line, this stretch of railroad tracks will be converted into a beautiful urban space traversing Philly. The crowdfunding campaign will support design enhancements on phase one of the project, including the restoration of an iconic Reading Railroad dining car into the Rail Park’s welcome center.
  9. Pioneer Square's Prism Glass Sidewalks
    One of the most famous features of Seattle’s Pioneer Square is its collection of purple glass sidewalk tiles. Time and the elements have left portions of the sidewalk in disrepair; this project will support the restoration of this beloved spectacle.
  10. D.C.'s Union Station
    The giant centurions that stand guard throughout Union Station in Washington, D.C. are overdue for a facelift. This project will jumpstart an effort to revive the 46 statues to their former glory.