In the tiny town of Bliss, Idaho, you’ll find the only structure in the state designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Built in 1952 for a local painter named Archie Teater, the studio—commonly referred to as Teater’s Knoll—is thought to be the only studio FLW designed other than his own. Learn more at
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    The view of the prow at Teater's Knoll. Masonry by Kent Hale. Photo credit: Scot Zimmerman.
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    With this fireplace, Wright wanted to create a rustic feeling for this Western structure, much like the National Park architecture of the region. Photo credit: Scot Zimmerman.
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    The view of the prow of the studio room, featuring several diagonal lines, which was unusual for Wright, but appropriate for an artist's studio. Furniture by Wright; sculpture by Lynn Fawcett Whiting. Photo credit: Scot Zimmerman.
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    The view of the front door of Teater's Knoll with a newly enclosed carport. The Snake River is to the left, below a 200-foot cliff. Photo credit: Scot Zimmerman.