Comicon is next weekend and I'm at step 6 right now... 😬
  1. Anticipation
    You're picking out your cosplays and looking at schedule updates for panels and who is going to be there. You can't wait!
  2. Excitement
    You're getting materials to make your cosplays, it's going to be great
  3. Procrastination
    You still have like three whole months before the con and you've already got everything you need to make the cosplays, you can start tomorrow...
  4. Mild worrying
    You've still got a month... You might want to start
  5. Stressed out, but you're having fun
    You've started, you can finish this in three weeks... Right?
  6. All out panic
    You really shouldn't have watched that extra season on Netflix, you've got a weekend to get this done.
  7. Relief
    You've finished everything and it's finally time for the convention!
  8. Post convention blues
    The con is over and you want nothing more than to go back, but you're also exhausted and need about 3 months to sleep the weekend off. Then it's time to get ready for next year!