Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva and @shash
  1. 7:22 am
    A screenshot of a snap from my mom (SELFIES MY PARENTS SEND ME ON SNAPCHAT)
  2. 8:14 am
    Running in the Boston Public Garden
  3. 9:14 am
    Eating breakfast and getting ready for class
  4. 10:00 am
    Waiting for the professor to hand out homework in class.
  5. 11:02 am
    Still in class
  6. 12:08 pm
    Some flowers on campus.
  7. 1:32 pm
    I had lunch and now I'm working on my Fluid Mechanics homework at Pavement Coffeehouse
  8. 2:41 pm
    Still working on fluids homework
  9. 3:41 pm
    Walking through campus back to my apartment
  10. 4:49 pm
    Still studying, but I'm back at my apartment now. I was going to go somewhere more exciting, like the Boston Public Library, but it's raining right now and by the time I'd be able to get there I would be soaked 😬.
  11. 5:42 pm
    Still doing fluids... I should have picked a more exciting day to do this.
  12. 6:50 pm
    Made pasta for dinner
  13. 7:45 pm
    Taking a study break to watch Jeopardy with my roommates
  14. 8:48 pm
    Aaaaand back to fluids
  15. 9:55 pm
    About to skype about fluids to review for my exam Wednesday
  16. 11:14 pm
    Skyping for fluids
  17. 12:21 pm
    Done with studying for the day, time to go get ready for bed!
  18. 1:05 am
    Goodnight! I'll have to do this type of list again when I have a bit more of an exciting day 😄