1. @azilat and I often find ourselves referring to things as "actual human things"
  2. For example,
  3. If you need to go outside but you're still in pajamas, you'd say "I need to put actual human clothes on"
  4. Or if you haven't eaten anything substantial and you want to get food you'd say "actual human food"
  5. One time I told Taliza that everyone and their mother drove bugs in Arizona. As in the car. She responded with "I thought you meant actual human bugs."
  6. I often find myself forgetting that people don't regularly do this...
  7. And when I've said things like "actual human money" I get a lot of weird looks
    Most of the time people will ask "as opposed to what, Monopoly money?"
  8. Anyways, that's my story about "actual human things"