1. I barely fit my luggage into an uber but I did it
  2. I'm at my apartment!!!
  3. There has been a delay because of the holiday... I can't move in till 5pm
    It's currently 9am... They said I could get the keys at 9am...
  4. I'm sitting in the residence lounge
    I can't leave because I have 2 massive suitcases and nowhere to put them
  5. I should have bought a bagel or something at the airport yesterday or grabbed dinner somewhere
    I had some eggs yesterday morning before my flight
  6. They have a coffee thing but it's almost empty and I don't see any refill stuff
    There's enough for maybe 3 more cups so I'm making one
  7. At least the Internet guy is able to get in and install the Internet
  8. Some guy came in the lounge area and changed the tv to Supernatural
  9. Someone drank the rest of the coffee 😭
  10. There are now three other people in the lounge/lobby thing
  11. My mom keeps sending me screenshots of places that deliver food
  12. Now there are 4 people
    And me
  13. Person number 4 dropped their coffee
    It was empty though
  14. Person number 4 just dropped their phone
    About 30 seconds after dropping the coffee
  15. Person number 3 is looking for coffee refills I think
    I hope he finds some
  16. Person 3 didn't find any but I'm pretty sure I just heard them mutter "coffee" under their breath
  17. Person 1 is still watching Supernatural
  18. Person 3 just asked an employee if there was coffee
    NOOO she said that he can get coffee from another office, I was hoping they'd refill this one
  19. Sounds like person 2 is having the same delayed move in problem as me
    Debating trying to talk to person 3 but that involves human interaction
  20. Person 4 has a cat
    Also I saw her drink from the coffee she dropped so I guess it wasn't empty
  21. Person 2 and person 3 are leaving soon I think
    Person 3 is the parent of person 2, who is moving into the apartment
  22. Person 1, 2, and 3 are gone
  23. Person 4 talked to me for a bit but now she's talking to the leasing lady
  24. Supernatural is still on the tv
  25. Two more people just came in
    These will be people 5 and 6
  26. Person 5 and 6 talked to me for like 30 seconds
  27. My mom keeps sending me screenshots of how much my LEGGOS and Polly pockets and all my old toys are worth
    I shouldn't have opened them, I have a $900+ leggo set
  28. The Internet guy said our wifi is now set up 🙌
  29. It was a struggle but I have my mattress in my room
  30. Turns out person 2 and 3 are one of my friends roommates and his dad
  32. We got pasta
    Thank god for food
  33. Max and his roomies have their room
  34. @azilat is coming to hang with us
  35. It's almost 5 and I don't have any keys yet
  36. Taliza got lost and it's now nearly 10 past 5 pm
  37. We have been told 6:30 pm is the new time
  38. It is now 6:31 pm
  39. We are going to attempt to get into the room (it's 6:50 pm)
  40. They said come back in an hour
  41. I'm getting pizza with my roommate, Taliza, and my roommates parents
  42. 8:10 pm, finally able to move our stuff in
  43. The wifi doesn't work 😭
    We'll figure that out tomorrow
  44. Now we're at target
  45. 10:30 pm finally unpacking
  46. There is no shower head???
    We'll figure that out tomorrow too
  47. I've pretty much got everything done I need for tonight
    Here's a exciting picture of my bedroom (it's surprisingly really big)
  48. I face timed my parents
  49. 1:04 am Showered, brushed my teeth, and finally going to bed