Is this what the cool kids are doing these days?
  1. I'm Sarah
    I'm from Arizona
  2. I go to school in Boston
    I'm studying mechanical engineering
  3. I like rocketry and space
    So I joined my schools chapter of AIAA
  4. I've been on a swim team since I was 5, but now I'm the goalie on our water polo team
    I volunteered to play it once and it just kinda stuck... It's a lot of fun though! And despite the number of times I've been hit in the face with the ball, I'm glad I did it.
  5. I play a few instruments
    Clarinet (Bb, Bass, Bb and Eb contrabass), piano, trombone, and drums
  6. I'm a huge nerd
    I've been to Phoenix Comicon, San Diego Comicon, MCM London Comicon, and I'm going to try to go to Boston Comicon this year!
  7. My favorite TV show is Star Trek
    I have a signed poster from William Shatner when he did his "Shatner's World" tour and I also have autographs that I bought at Comicon for Leonard Nimoy and James Doohan
  8. I like to cosplay
    I've done ones of the 10th Doctor, The Winter Soldier, and I just finished my Rey cosplay (from The Force Awakens) for this years Phoenix Comicon! Here is me and a storm trooper from PHXCC.
  9. My favorite comic book hero is Tony Stark
    I have a lot of Marvel posters in my room
  10. I also like to travel
    I made a list earlier of all the places I've been!
  11. I'm a disaster 99.9% of the time
    So yeah that's me 😁