For Broadway with @azilat
  1. Going to bed at 1am and getting up at 3am was not a great idea
    But worth it
  2. Arriving to the city
  3. Walking to Broadway to get rush tickets for The Color Purple
  4. There were a lot of people in line and we didn't know if we'd get tickets
  5. But we did!
  6. There was some sort of street market going on on 8th street
  7. And I made Taliza try a Cronut
  8. Then we walked around the city a bit
    We wanted to get bagels at Ess-a-Bagel (or however you spell it) but the line was super long
  9. Coffee at The Blue Bottle in Rockefeller
    It was SO GOOD
  10. We had lunch from The Halal Guys food truck
    10/10 would recommend
  11. Taliza tried to smile with a fork in her mouth
  12. And here is the moment she realized she had made a poor decision doing that
  13. 😂😂😂
  14. Finally, it was time for the musical!
  15. It was AMAZING. If you ever get the chance to see a musical in NYC before December 18th (when it closes) I would HIGHLY recommend seeing this one.
    I cried like 10 times it was so good
  16. It rained a bit after so no one came out the stage door
    Here is a picture of us trying to hold it together after that musical DESTROYED us 😭🙌👌
  17. And of course we had to get ice cream
  18. We met up with one of our other friends forms school
  19. And ate ice cream on a raised garden that is on some old railroad tracks. It was pretty neat.
  20. On the way back to the bus station I bought some coffee grounds from Rebel Coffee (they get their beans from Stumptown)
    I'm going to make a cup of it after I finish this
  21. And then we took the bus back to Connecticut 👋👋👋
    And now we are planning for our next NYC trip 😁