Inspired by @jeb
    Honestly I picked this one because it slid up and down. Once texting became more of a thing I realized I should have picked the one with the full keyboard.
  2. Motorola
    This one slid up and down AND had the full keyboard. I really liked this phone, it was small, durable, and had a video camera (my first phone only took pictures)
  3. Droid
    My first smartphone. This one was the second of this type though. One pixel on the first one went out in the first few days of the first one so I took it into the store to exchange it. I was worried they'd think I broke it but they were like "if you're noticing one pixel going out I doubt you broke it, that's a really small thing to notice". I never changed the ringtone, if someone called it would just scream DROOOOOID. It was annoying. I should have changed it.
  4. iPhone 4
    I had this phone for quite a while, I liked it a lot.
  5. Vodafone Smart 4
    I used this while studying abroad in Greece
  6. iPhone 6
    My current phone.