I really like coffee shops, here are some that I've been to and a few that I'd like to go to.
  1. Steves Espresso
    My uncle owns this one. My favorite iced mochas are found here and the Mocha Europa is also really good.
  2. Xtreme Bean
    When I was in Arizona I did most of my studying here. Now my friends and I just hang out here when we're all back in town. Honestly if I'm in Arizona there is a 98% chance you'll find me here. I go here more for the environment than the coffee. They have live music on Saturdays.
  3. Render Coffeehouse
    Some of the best coffee I've had in Boston. Boston, MA
  4. Pavement Coffeehouse
    @azilat refuses to go here because it smells to much like coffee. I personally like coffee smell. Boston, MA
  5. La Petite Rose
    I still haven't found a cappuccino as good as the ones from here. This was my introduction to beginning to like regular, black, coffee. Thessaloniki, Greece
  6. Farmer Horse Coffee
    @azilat likes this one because the mochas "taste like candy and not coffee". The people here are super nice too. Boston, MA
  7. Pret A Manger
    I tried this place for the first time in London, it was pretty good. They have them in the US now too.
  8. Café Nero
    When I saw this for the first time in London I thought it said Café Nerd and I got really excited. They have some in Boston too.
  9. Royal Coffee
    When I had an internship in Phoenix I went here a lot. They make really good mochas. Phoenix/Tempe, AZ
  10. Cartel Coffee Lab
    I've only been here a few times but it's pretty good
  11. Frission Espresso
    Hell's Kitchen, NYC and a great place for a mocha
  12. Dutch Bros
    I was planning on not adding major chains to this, but I decided to add everything. I've only ever gotten strawberry smoothies from here but they're good. It's a bummer they're not on the east coast.
  13. Starbucks
    Like I said, I'm adding everything 😬
  14. Stumptown Coffee Roasters
    NYC The Barista at Royal recommended this place
  15. Blue Bottle
    NYC The Barista at Royal recommended this place
  16. La Colombe
    NYC The Barista at Royal recommended this place
  17. Inteligecia
    Chicago and NYC
  18. Blue State Coffee
    Yale University
  19. Silk City Coffee
    Manchester, CT
  20. Wired Puppy
    Boston, MA
  21. Newsfeed Cafe
    Boston, MA (Boston Public Library)
  22. Costa
    I've had it in London and Boston