Requested by @azilat
  1. "Can I use your sunglasses?" "No." "I need some mine broke." "That's why I won't give you mine."
    This happens at least 2 times a week
  2. "Can your friend get me a discount on a computer." "I don't know." "Ask them." "Ok."
  3. "Eric did you take my sunglasses?" "No." "So they just magically climbed off my bookshelf and into your car?" "Yes."
    Seriously stoP TAKING THEM I need those
  4. He came into the bathroom while I was showering one night, asked me if I even lifted at the gym, turned off the lights, and left.
    Shaving your legs in the dark is not fun
  5. Multiple variations of "look at my guns" and "I'm bigger than you" and "You don't even lift"
    Who invited you
  6. And yeah that's basically it.
    (He's going through the my older sister is a complete loser and I'm too cool to associate myself with anyone or anything related to her phase) 🙃🙃🙃
  7. Oh I almost forgot, one time he asked me to make the strawberry gelato I made the night before again because he liked it.
    Probably the only civil thing he's said all summer.