1. I had a chocolate bar sitting on my bookshelf. I went to eat some of it and I found it half gone with this note.
    I looked again the next day and the whole thing except for one square was gone. He claims he bought a replacement but he ate that too.
  2. "Let it whip. Get it? Whip, instead of rip!"
    I had made whipped cream earlier and then I was un-pausing the show we were watching. He was very proud of this pun. 💀
  3. Sends awkward selfies on snapchat
  4. -ish
    I once told him I'd be home around noonish and ever since then he adds -ish to everything. The number of times I've been asked"Howish are you doingish?" is ridiculous.
  5. Uses phrases/emojis/etc. in texts out of context that he has seen me use before
    Including "YAAAAAAS" which he has changed to "yeeeeees" and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Sends me texts and emails with links to random articles
    He just reads the titles most of the time... They're usually related to sleep and how it's related to performance in school 🙃
  7. Randomly comes in my room and starts vacuuming when I'm making lists about him
  8. Takes an aggressive number of pictures of his coffee
  9. And now makes lists of them
  10. Sends me emails with only emojis