I'm so excited to be doing li.st Secret Santa this year! Thank you @DawnCloud for setting this up!
  1. Getting things for people can be difficult enough, let alone for someone you've never met. So, here is a li.st about me that will maybe help relieve some of the Christmas gift hunt struggles 😁.
    And thank you in advance! I'm a really easy person to get gifts for, this li.st is just to hopefully make things easier for you if you need ideas 😊.
  2. I'm currently working on getting my bachelors in mechanical engineering, so anything related to that is always cool.
    I'm also trying to focus on aero/astrospace, so anything related to rockets or planes is guaranteed to make me love you forever.
  3. I'm a huge space nerd
    @Space is my other li.st account 😁. Geology would also go along with this (space rocks & earth rocks, all fun stuff).
  4. Star Trek
    The Original Series is my favorite, but I love all things Star Trek.
  5. Anything that flies
    I should rephrase that to anything that flies and is man-made, like planes and rockets. I do not, in fact, like flying insects 💀.
  6. My favorite colors are dark blue, maroon, and green.
    Or shades of blue, red, and green in general.
  7. Books
    The only genres I don't really care for are romance and romance/drama, but, if there's a specific book that is one of those genres you think is really good and I should read I love reading everything!
  8. Journals, pens, notebooks, stickers, stationary, anything office supply related.
    I recently started a bullet journal if that helps with ideas.
  9. I love music.
    If you have a favorite band or song(s), I'd love to hear it (mix tape CD's!)! I also play clarinet/bass clarinet, piano, trombone, and drums if that helps at all. The only genre I'm not a huge fan of is Country, but if your favorite band is a county band I'm open to trying new things!
  10. Coffee
    I'm definitely a coffee person. Anything coffee related is 👌.
  11. Tea
    My favorite types are usually black teas or fruit teas that are black tea based, but I love trying new things!
  12. Chocolate
    My favorite is dark chocolate or anything with nuts in it. I'm not a huge peanut butter in chocolate person, but I'm always open to try new things!
  13. I love to travel, so if there is something you think is cool about where you're from that would be neat!
  14. Mugs
    I'm a sucker for mugs, any type, any size.
  15. I've recently started living in an apartment and next semester I will have apartment style dorm housing...
    And I definitely need to expand my cooking skills, so your favorite recipes would be cool!
  16. If you like to draw or write poems or knit or something like that, home made stuff is awesome! I love seeing all of the talent that comes out of people on li.st!
  17. Also, I won't be home from co-op until Christmas Eve, so if you do send it and it gets in early and I haven't thanked you yet, it's because I haven't gotten home to open it 😁.