1. When your professor moves up the exam date
  2. When you discover snapchat filters for the first time
  3. When your prof calls on you and you weren't raising your hand
  4. When you get your exam grades back
  5. When you're trying to get that perfect Instagram pic
  6. When you meet a Donald Trump supporter
    Suggested by   @azilat
  7. When you have to eat dinning hall food
    Suggested by   @azilat
  8. When someone tells a joke that really isn't that funny
  9. When you have water in your ear
    Suggested by   @azilat
  10. When your parents tell you to clean your room
    Suggested by   @azilat
  11. When you realize you don't have to clean your room because you're in college and there's no one there to make you clan your room
  12. When you realize you should have cleaned your room
  13. When you're presenting but you have no idea what you're talking about
    Suggested by   @azilat