Every hour on the X:20 @azilat and I send snapchats to each other. These are some of my favorites.
  1. "Here comes the general blaze"
  2. I take a picture out this window nearly every day.
    The flag is currently missing though. It was hit by lightning during a big storm and someone saw it on the ground the next day, burnt to a crisp.
  3. When @azilat dropped her student ID
  4. When we went to NYC and won the Hamilton lottery
  5. Every time. Every. Fricking. Time.
    It's quite a vicious competition to see who can find the most bugs.
  6. "Blazin with my fave"
    Taliza has a small obsession with sloths
  7. We were at an AIAA meeting and no one in our group had shown up yet
  8. At the Empire State Building
  9. We made a Hamilton balloon