Inspired by @Dad3
  1. Album purchased
    First: Black Ice AC/DC, Last: Hamilton
  2. Concert attended
    First: Dixy Chicks (my mom wanted to go), Last: Motion City Soundtrack (it was their farewell tour 😭)
  3. Professional/College sporting event attended
    First: ASU Swim Meet, Last: Northeastern Hockey game
  4. Movie attended at a theater
    First: I don't remember (I'll have to ask my parents) , Last: Finding Dory
  5. Violation of the law
    Haha nice try
  6. Went on a date and where did you go
    First: None, Last: None
  7. Travel experience alone (when/where)
    First: California to Arizona because I had band camp but my family stayed at the beach, Last: I'm currently doing an internship in another state
  8. Cell phone owned
    First: Samsung (it was a slide one), Last: iPhone 6
  9. Costume you wore for Halloween that you recall and what age
    First: Cow (unless that was my brother), Last: Eggs (@azilat was the bacon)
  10. Went skinny dipping
    First: Never, Last: Never