Old people are hysterical
  1. One time my grandpa was using those 360 degree reality glasses from Samsung. He was in google maps and it was set up to where he grew up. He was describing things and pointing at them as if everyone could see them too. We tried to tell him we couldn't see what he was talking about but he just kept going and going. It was pretty great.
  2. One time my grandma from Illinois was staying at my house and using my room. I left a soft ice pack on the floor and forgot about it. When she woke up in the morning she stepped on it and nearly had a heart attack because she thought she stepped on a persons stomach.
    Not an actual heart attack, but she was scared sh**less. She was cracking up when she was telling us what had just happened.
  3. My grandpa didn't know how to work the camera on his flip phone and took this wonderful selfie
  4. This photo of my grandpa in general. He was clearly losing interest with whatever the conversation was about 😂
  5. My grandpa posing with his tomato plant
    The other people at his gym thing didn't believe that the plant was taller than him, so he took pictures and brought them in to prove it