1. I just saw the email about li.st shutting down... this app has been great and I've really enjoyed getting to see people's stories.
  2. I've probably spent more time on here than I should but I'm so glad I had the chance to "meet" all of you.
  3. If anyone wants to stay in touch here is the other social media that I use
  4. Twitter: @Sschmidiot
  5. Instagram: SSchmidiot
  6. Snapchat
    If you add me on here and I don't accept it, it's because I don't recognize the name. Send me something on twitter or instagram (or in the fb group or on slack) and let me know you tried adding me so I accept!
  7. Schoolinboston.tumblr.com
    Or wiredwhimsicalities.tumblr.com or theinvisiblemuggle.tumblr.com but the only one I ever really post on is my Boston one
  8. Goodbye everyone, hopefully we will all meet again on the next app that the creators of li.st make. Thank you for all of the wonderful stories and memories! I'll miss you all! 😭❤️
  9. I also made a slack channel (it's a group messaging app that has various subgroups in it to keep conversations organized and you can comment on people's comments to create threads so everyone isn't spammed with notifications) if anyone is interested in joining so we can all stay in touch.
  10. And if you're ever in Boston, shoot me a message if you want to grab coffee or lunch or something or want recommendations of places to go!
    I'll be there until at least 2019 when I graduate 😊