1. I received this email when I woke up today
    “I want to encourage you all to blow off class this afternoon”
  2. So of course I went
  3. He talked about some of the research that's still being done from the samples they collected while on the moon
    Also how he saw an add in the newspaper about applying to be an astronaut and the process that followed to be one of the people selected to go to space
  4. And talked about how one of the only photos of Neil on the moon is him looking at their rock sample box
    It was quite a funny story
  5. We took a group picture of all of us at the end, so hopefully I'll be able to get a copy of that
  6. Then I went to my professors office and people were talking about the space program and space travel and it was great
    But after that I had my questions answered and I had to leave to go study for my exam tomorrow
  7. It was a great day! I can't believe I got to meet one of the dozen people who have actually been to the moon.
    He said the first thing he thought when stepping on the moon was "don't fall" because he slipped on a rock