@joannfabrics we needed some supplies, and @HobbyLobby was the closest store that had what we needed so here is a li.st of the trip
  1. There were a lot of chickens (roosters???) right when we walked in
    I'm not quite sure what the purpose of these are...
  2. And then there was this painting of a dog?
    Featuring @Jsawr0
  3. Perfume bottles??? ?? ????
  4. This amazing bust
    Featuring @azilat
  5. And a mermaid statue
  6. The grade we expected to give the store based off of your li.sts
  7. But then we found space fabric!!!
  8. And Avengers!!!!
  9. More birds?
  10. This thing
  11. And then whatever this was
  12. Hobby Lobby actually wasn't as bad as Jo-Ann Fabrics made it out to be...
    Plus they had rockets