Things hanging in my bedroom back home.
  1. A metal Iron Man decoration
  2. A painting I made when I was accepted into Northeastern
  3. A dagger and letter opener hanging from a pencil I bought at Phoenix Comicon a few years ago
    Hanging from a pencil and two thumb tacks. So classy.
  4. A directors award plaque from my senior year of high school
  5. The Marauders Map
  6. A Star Trek calendar
  7. A comic I was going to get signed by Stan Lee at PHX Comicon but the line to get the ticket to get in the real line was massive so I didn't go, a Sherlock poster from Shae, and Bubart by Tittay @azilat.
    You should ask her about it sometime
  8. A doctor who poster from @gecko818
  9. A mirror above my dresser
  10. A U.S. map above my bed
  11. Star Trek poster
  12. Marvel comics poster
  13. A poster I got signed by William Shatner at his 'Shatners World' show
  14. Another Doctor Who poster from @gecko818
  15. A Supernatural poster from @gecko818
  16. And this hot mess above my desk