@azilat and I took part in a huge scavenger hunt for our school this weekend
  1. Every year at my school there is a huge 24 hour scavenger hunt across the Boston area. This years theme was Harry Potter.
  2. It started a few weeks ago when we took the qualification quit. You have 24hrs to complete it and the questions are ridiculous.
    We are pretty sure we only got 1 question right and because we finished it before the other teams we managed to get.
  3. After the announcements of which teams passed the quiz came out we had meetings to go over how everything worked.
    Teams of 12, our team name was Fantastic Beasts and We Know Where to Find Them
  4. The hunt started on Friday the 18th and went through the 19th.
    It was 7pm to 7pm 18-19th. Only 3 of us stayed up the whole time (@azilat, Niko, and me).
  5. We had a few hints we had to follow to even get to our first set of clues, and once we did get them we looked through and they were in the Webdings font and we had to translate ALL 200 OF THEM.
    I can now read Webdings without a reference sheet to translate. Can I put that on my resume?
  6. Throughout the hunt some of our clues led us to finding a total of 600+ other clues along with needing to do crafts and create videos.
    My favorite video to create was the Harry Potter Puppet Pals Mysterious Ticking Noise. I was Dumbledore.
  7. There were also challenges that we had to do whenever we were sent messages via various social media platforms that had us sprinting all over campus. We had to crab walk for as long as possible, play quiddich and clue, sing Bon Jovi, and finding a kidnapped team mate (just to name a few).
    All of the tasks were Harry Potter themed (like when they take the best friends of the people in the Tri Wizard Tournament and they have to get them from the lake and then we had to find our taken team member)
  8. We also had to travel all over Boston (and to surrounding cities) to take pictures of places that we found based off of answering questions in our clues.
    We were getting really tired near the end. This is the "we have been up for 30+ hours and long for the sweet embrace of death" group.
  9. One of our clues led us to an ice cream shop called Tosconini so we took a quick ice cream break. 10/10 would recommend going if you're in Boston.
    This was around hour 30 of being awake.
  10. Overall we had a ton of fun, but it was exhausting. I'm glad our team was able to participate and I am very much looking forward to the Boston Harbor cruise we get to go on when they announce the winners of the hunt.
    Our team name was Fantastic Beasts and We Know Where to Find Them 🐉
  11. UPDATE: we got 42/50, not last!
  12. You can see @azilat's li.st here