I saw Motion City Soundtrack last weekend for the first (and last) time. It was a great concert.
  1. Opener #1: Microwave
    Someone asked why they were called microwave and they were like we don't actually have a good answer for that. 😂
  2. Opener #2: One Fell Swoop
    They were really good
  3. Finally time for the headliner!!!
  4. They were so good!
    They played my favorite song (Capital H) second.
  5. A quick break for getting shoes tied
  6. His hair looks like a young Bernie Sanders hairstyle
    People have a similar outline to the Bernie campaign style logo tattooed on them! It was great!
  7. The bassist
    Shae got his guitar pick at the end. It had a dinosaur on it!
  8. Drummer (with a ghostbusters shirt!)
  9. And a guitarist
  10. This guy was playing some really wild tambourine parts
  11. It was a really fun concert! 10/10 would recommend their music.
  12. A photo that was taken after the concert
    You can see Shae and I on the left!
  13. There's us!
    I'm the face to the left (looking at the photo) of the girl with the sign and shaw is one one with her right arm up in the grey shirt