Is there a protocol for meet ups? I've never been to one or hosted one or anything like that, but would anyone be interested in a NYC meetup?
  1. I was thinking a coffee shop might be a good place
  2. And on a Saturday so more people could come
  3. and everyone could just bring some of their favorite li.sts and everyone could share them or read them
  4. I've seen people do name tags at other meet ups, so I could bring name tags for people to put their names and/or usernames
    Is that a thing that people do?
  5. Anyways, would anyone be interested?
    If enough people want to do this I'll make a google doc and add a link to this with the full information and sign ups and stuff. I was thinking sometime mid/late August? 😁
  6. UPDATE: I haven't given up on organizing a meetup, but I may have to move the location to Boston if I do manage to organize this because co-op is about tot end and classes are about to start.