My Thursday adventures at PHXCC 2016!
  1. Some people asked for my picture so that was cool (I was dressed up as Rey from The Force Awakens)
    Someone also said that I was the best Rey they had seen all day which was also really exciting 😭. And another family asked for a photo with me and I'm not a person who really likes kids but they were mildly adorable 😁.
  2. I found a Gaston
    I took this photo for @kiyotea (WHO FINALLY MADE A LIST APP ACCOUNT!!!) because they are obsessed with beauty and the beast.
  3. I was very tempted to try to win a tribble
    But I'm horrible at claw machines... Also I didn't have any dollars on me or I totally would have tried
  4. Another Rey cosplay!
    Hers was pretty spot on 👌
  5. Ursula!
    First one I've seen, the little suction cups were made of bottle caps!
  6. And is it really a day at a con if you haven't seen at least 20 Deadpools?
  7. And a Deadpool conga line
  8. Now I've gotten everything ready for tomorrow, it's 4am, and I'm going to bed!
    Also I finally found a store that wasn't sold out of Smarties! I NEED Smarties for Comicon, I have a reputation as the person with endless smarties to keep!