1. I really enjoy traveling. Here are some of the places I've been to.
  2. Arizona
    I was born here and I've lived here my whole live. @shivanidiva and @asapanj also live here (well, Anjali is in Texas now 😢)
  3. Germany
    I went to a 50th birthday party for some family friends we have here. The theme was 1700's fall fest baroque and everyone wore ball gowns and wigs and it was amazing.
  4. California
    We often go here over the summer because it gets really hot in AZ during the summer months. Also, Disneyland 👌
  5. Mexico
    We used to go with a group of families over Fall break while I was in elementary school, my birthday was always that week and we would always get a piñata 🎉
  6. Illinois
    I have family there
  7. Flordia
  8. Nevada
    My brother had a gymnastic meet in Vegas once...that's about it
  9. Philadelphia
    Liberty Bell!!!
  10. Rhode Island
    We saw all the mansions
  11. New Mexico
    I never got off the plane so I don't know if this counts, but on a flight back home a man had a heart attack and we had to have an emergency landing. My moms friend is a ER doctor and was in the back of the plane giving him CPR as the plane landed. We never heard from the airline if he was okay after that or not.
  12. Massachusetts
    I go to school in Boston, it's a lot of fun. @azilat goes there too.
  13. Greece
    I spent my first semester of college in Thessaloniki (with @azilat) and it was great
  14. Italy
    Oh man, Rome was wild. It rained, we saw the aftermath of some poor man who was beat up with the selfie sticks he was selling, Suchal accidentally pulled the wig of a manikin in a toy store and we laughed for a good hour, and we had sooooo much gelato. Rome was so much fun.
  15. New York
    I've been here 3 times. The most recent time @azilat WON the HAMILTON lottery and we got TO SEE THE MUSICAL 🙌 it was SO GOOD we cried the whole time it was amazing
  16. Vermont
    We had a water polo tournament here
  17. Maine
    We launched our rockets for AIAA (Aeronautical Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) here. It was AWESOME!