I want to start listening to podcasts, so if you have any favorites, I'd love the recommendations!
  1. The Moth
  2. Betty In the Sky with a Suitcase
  3. Serial
    Suggested by @Pusheen
  4. Lore
    Suggested by @Pusheen
  5. The Infinite Monkey Cage
    I listened to this once like 300 years ago but I had it saved so maybe it's good? I'll have to listen again.
  6. Pop Culture Happy Hour
    Suggested by @PeteOnEarth
  7. Best of Friends podcast
    Suggested by @Jodiehoklas
  8. Gilmore Guys
    Suggested by @Jodiehoklas
  9. King Falls AM! And second for Lore! Invisibilia is a great one from NPR.
    Suggested by @jaderyan21
  10. The Sporkful
    It's not for foodies, it's for eaters!
    Suggested by @barbie62