1. I had my pre-senior meeting with my academic advisor yesterday
    I'm doing a 5 year program, and I just finished year 3. They like to have these meetings early enough to catch any mistakes in credits early.
  2. I have a little wiggle room since I had high school credits transfer
    And I can't take a reduced course load next summer and save some $$$ 🙌
  3. But I can't believe how quickly the last few years have gone by
    My advisor couldn't either. She said it seemed like it was just yesterday that she was helping me make sure all my transfer credits from Greece and high school came through correctly.
  4. I still have two years and two co-ops left, but I have a feeling it's going to go by really quickly
  5. I'm excited but also low key freaking out about having to do actually post graduation things
  6. Yiiiiiiiiikes 😬