1. One time in high school a seagull tried fly down to steal my ice cream and I blocked it with my face.
    I saved the ice cream though so it was worth it.
  2. I went to Mexico when I was around 7 years old and I was swimming in the pool with some older kids (they were probably around 12 to 14 years old). They were racing each other and asked if I wanted to join and said "no one can beat (kids name), he's so fast". Little did they know I had been on the swim team since I was 4 or 5 and I destroyed them.
    7 year old me was very proud but they stopped racing after that.
  3. Once when I was sleeping I got up and turned all the lights on in the house and I woke my self up when I tried to take a shower.
    My mom came in the bathroom and was like "what are you doing why are all the lights on" only to find me trying to shower with my pajamas on.
  4. A few times I dreamt that my alarm went off so I got up and got completely ready for school only to look at my phone while walking out the front door and realize it was like 2 am.
  5. When I was at the Grand Canyon a squirrel ate my friends ice cream.
    We were all sitting on a wall and she felt her bowl moving. When she looked down there was a squirrel in it.
  6. I wore a helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, and a Scooby-Doo dress when I attempted to ride a bike without training wheels for the first time.
    I was also riding on grass and could hardly move. It was a disaster until my mom told my dad that I really only needed a helmet and needed to be on actual solid ground in order to be able to move. It was much easier after that. Here is a picture of when my parents decided that all the padding was making it impossible to ride the bike.
  7. My brother and I used to fight over who got to drink out of "the purple cup".
    Honestly I don't know why but before dinner when he was getting water glasses my dad would always say "who wants the purple cup?" and I swear it was World War III over who got that godforsaken purple cup.
  8. I was a very picky child when it came to things that touched my skin. One time in preschool we went to the dairy farm and my mom brought socks that had frills on them because I needed to wear closed-toed shoes. I did NOT want to wear the socks and I refused to go sockless. I didn't get to go to the dairy farm.
    To this day my mom still feels bad that I didn't get to go get my milk and cookie there.
  9. When I was younger my parents would never let me buy the random glowing swords and whatnot from places like Disneyland or Zoolights. Now whenever I see them for sale at events I always bring up that I want one.
    Eventually I will get a light up something or another from one of these events. It will happen, I guarantee it.
  10. The men at parades who would ride around in small cars wearing fezzes used to freak me out and to this day fezzes still make me uncomfortable.
  11. I used to wake up with my head where my feet should be and my feet up on the pillow.
    Apparently I moved a lot in my sleep when I was younger.
  12. One time I moved my furniture around in my room and I put my bed next to my wall. The first night like that I was dreaming that I was rock climbing but I slipped which resulted in my actually kicking the wall so hard that it woke me up and scared the crap out of me because I thought I kicked a human.
  13. When I first moved from a crib to a normal bed my parents put safety rail things on the side and I used to roll out of bed and get stuck between those and the bed.
    I was too short to climb back up so I had to call for my parents to get me out.
  14. One time when my grandma was visiting from Illinois she was staying in my room and I had accidentally left an ice pack on my floor the night before. In the morning she stepped on it and it scared her sh*tless because she thought she stepped on someone's stomach.
  15. I used to have to use a two level stepping stool that my grandpa made me because I was too short to climb into my bed.
  16. My brother was horrible at articulating words when he was younger so everyone would have to use me as a translator because I was the only one who could understand what he was saying.
    We're about 3 years apart.
  17. One time I stepped on a bee in my backyard and it stung me. A few days later I stepped on a bee at swim practice and it stung me on the same toe.
  18. Once when I was trick-or-treating I knocked on my neighbors door and a boy about my age in a cheetah costume was at the door handing out candy. A few years later I ended up going to middle school with the same kid and then high school and we became really good friends. He later told me that when he was younger his life goal was to become a cheetah.
    The child was @budugu2z
  19. One of my friends tried to eat my other friends hair.
    Their favorite quote (about hair length) was "it's not about the quantity, it's about the quality".
  20. My brother and I used to hide out in the lemon tree/bush that was in our front yard and spy on the neighbors.
    We had a tambourine and a pair of binoculars tied to the inside of the hole in the leaves/branches we had created.
  21. For birthdays we'd always get big bouncy houses. Once we had a really big giraffe one and I was sitting on the roof while it was deflated. My brother plugged it in. I didn't get off. It inflated.
    I was stuck on top of the bouncy house (barley hanging on to the neck of the giraffe) for a good 10 minutes before my brother unplugged it and let me down. I couldn't just drop down because it was a closed roof and I would have rolled down the side to land on either the cement patio or in some nice thorny flowers.
  22. When I was in kindergarten we took tortillas and cut them into snowflakes and then coated them in butter and powdered sugar. I was so grossed out by the fact that we cut them with craft scissors and the smell of metal, butter, powdered sugar, and tortillas was so bad that to this day I can't eat anything wrapped in a tortilla.
  23. I found a 14K white gold men's wedding ring in Mexico once
    This is the ring