A list requested by @shivanidiva on why she should be the president of the BDC UPDATE: I have been informed that there is no voting and Shivani IS the president so this is actually a list of why Shivani is the best BDC president
  1. She doesn't pick crappy "comedy" movies to watch
  2. Oh wait
  3. She does
    The movie was called "The Road Within". We kept watching thinking it would eventually become funny but it didn't.
  5. But she's cooler than @budugu2z and @asapanj left us for Texas so
  6. Anjali has tried to murder each of us at least once too
    Which according to Soumya doesn't mean she can't be in charge but still I'm going to have to stick with my Shivani vote
  7. Also she has a much better fashion sense than Soumya
    Exhibit A
  8. So yeah I vote for Shiv
  9. Tldr; bc she founded BDC and is purty
    Suggested by @shivanidiva
  10. UPDATE: since we have actually never had another president she is, by default, the best president we have had
    Doesn't that also mean she'd be the worst president too?