Inspired by @LevNovak and @bjnovak
  1. Fall
    We don't have leaves changing or anything in AZ, but it was cool on the east coast. 70-80F, sunny, a cool breeze, and Halloween. My favorite season.
  2. Spring
    Basically backwards fall but with some rain and more allergies
  3. Summer
    I've lived in Arizona for 20 years and let me tell you a thing about summer in Arizona. When people go "oh it's a dry heat it's not thaaaat bad" they are LYING because I don't care how dry it is when itS ONE HUNDRED AND FRICKIG TWENTY DEGREES OUTSIDE AND PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY DYING FROM THE HEAT IT'S DISGUSTING. (Tbh it's really not that bad as long as you stay inside)
  4. Winter
    20 years of desert winters typically would have had me with winter at the top but after living through THIS as my first real winter in Boston I have come to hate winter with a fiery passion. The snow banks were TALLER THAN ME AND THERE WAS NOTHING BUT COLD, GREY SKIES, AND ICEY WIND FOR NEARLY SEVEN GOD FORSAKEN MONTHS. I have become a much more bitter human after surviving the Boston winter of 2015.