1. Static
    The view from the apartment
  2. Static
    Not too bad... yet
  3. Static
    Studying at Render feat. Taliza and THE COFFEE FACE™
  4. Static
    The snow is picking up a bit
  5. Static
    @azilat dropped her apartment key in the snow and somehow managed to find it
  6. Static
    Back in the apartment where it's nice and warm
  7. Static
    Time to walk to the theater because I'm 80% sure no one is driving in this
  8. Static
    The first snow poop of the semester
  9. Static
    Walking to Cabaret
  10. Static
    It was two miles of freezing
  11. Static
    100% worth the walk
  12. Static
    SO GOOD 😭👌👍
  13. Static
    Boston Opera House
  14. Static
  15. Static
    Walking back to the apartment