1. How many photos/videos of random strangers I show up in
    I'd also like to see them, I think that would be cool
  2. How many times I've sneezed
  3. How many times I've tied my shoes
  4. How many times my favorite color has changed
    And what color was it, in what year, and some general idea of why
  5. How many ham and cheese sandwiches I have eaten
    My mom used to make them for me all the time to take to grade school for lunch
  6. How many times I have looked at something and said "same"
    And what was the first same. I think it may have been the banana peel on the ground that I saw while walking back from the IV dining hall with @azilat
  7. How many times I've walked by money on the ground without noticing
    And the total amount of money that would add up to had I seen it and picked it up
  8. Who is the owner of the wedding ring I found in Mexico
    I'd really like to be able to give it back to them. I tried looking it up when I found it but I didn't have much to go on (also I was like 12 so I didn't know what to look up).
  9. How many other planets have life on then
    How many are more advanced than us? Similarities and differences? What are the planets like?
  10. How does a T-Rex sleep?
    If it laid down, how on earth did it get back up with those tiny arms? I guess I could just google it because someone has probably done research on that, but do they 100% no?
  11. How many hours have I spent sleeping
    Above average? Below? Normal?
  12. How many words I have written/typed
  13. How many letters I have written/typed
  14. How many characters I have written/typed
  15. How many times I have changed my password to any accounts I have
    Mostly because I forget them...
  16. How many times I have blinked
  17. How much oxygen I have used
  18. How many miles I have swam
    I think I could probably swim before I could walk
  19. How many miles I have run
  20. How many miles I have walked
  21. How many miles have I written
  22. How many miles have I biked
  23. How many miles have I driven
  24. How long did I spend in the shower
    Probably too long