1. So one day after class I asked @asapanj if we had a physics test the next day and she said yes
    I forgot she wasn't even in physics, I just assumed she was because most of us had all of the exact same classes
  2. And I panicked because I was NOT ready for this quiz
  3. So I studied physics all night instead of English, it was a mess
    I knew I needed to do better on the physics one than the English one, so I had to weigh out my options and went for physics
  4. I get to school the next day and what do we not have? A PHYSICS TEST.
    It was the next week, I had the days mixed up and believed Anjali (I mean why would she lie about a test date)
  5. Anyways I didn't do so hot on the English quiz
  6. And that is why I don't ask Anjali any questions regarding scheduling anymore
  7. The end