I'm taking a summer class at a different university so I don't know anyone here or anything about campus despite having lived next to it for 20 years
  1. I'm making lists instead of socializing
  2. I'm being harassed by @asapanj for my list content for the lists that I'm making
  3. Asking @azilat for more people on the list app to follow
    She did not disappoint
  4. Trying to look up where the bathrooms are on campus because I really need to pee
    But I'm not going to ask anyone because God forbid I make any attempt at a social interaction
  5. Listening to the questions that other people are asking because maybe I missed something in the lecture
    And some of these people are asking really good questions
  6. UPDATE: I now have contact information for two people in the class 🙌
    Technically they asked me for my info but still, that counts as socializing