I'm going to be on Co-op next semester. That means a whole 6 months of no homework and a paycheck! Requested by @azilat
    I am 100% obsessed with anything that flies (more rocketry and astronautical) and I AM SO EXCITED to actually get to do some engineering at an actual aerospace company!!!
  2. I'll be super close to NYC which means I can see Broadway shows on the weekends with @azilat !!!
  3. I'll be close to my friend who goes to Yale so I can hang out with him
    Maybe sometime I'll convince him to come to Boston when I'm not in co-op
  4. No homework = actual sleep schedule
    I'd like to get at least 7 hours every night and to keep it consistent with when I go to bed/wake up. Ideally I would then be able to carry this over to the school year but I doubt that will happen... 😴
  5. A new place with new coffee shops to discover!
    I love finding cool coffee shops to work in (I guess I won't have homework but I'm sure I can find something to do)
  6. Trying to be an actual adult
    Not living at home or anywhere near campus for co-op means I'm going to have an actual paycheck and actual apartment and have to do actual adult things... the bills I'm really not to excited about though
  7. Boston Comicon
    @kiyotea and @azilat and I are going to try to go
  8. New York Comicon
    We're going to try to go to this one too
  9. I'm super excited for co-op to start, it's my first one so I'm not really sure what to expect but hopefully it's a good experience!