Probably my favorite part of my room
  1. My journal I kept while in Europe
  2. I'm a pretty big Harry Potter fan
  3. But I'm a even bigger fan of Star Trek
  4. A vase I brought back from Greece
  5. My Leonard Nimoy and James Doohan autographs and an old sword my dad gave me
    I think it's one of the ones that you'd attach to the front of a gun. I really need to get more information about it.
  6. A wax cast of my hand, Play-Dough I got at the filming of "The Will Wheaton Project", a figure my friend brought back from Japan for me, and a Christmas ornament of Greece that I got in Michigan.
  7. My comic books
  8. A water bottle from Speedy's Cafe in London
    Where some of BBC Sherlock is filmed
  9. More Harry Potter, my phone case that Stephen Moffat signed at a Doctor Who meetup during SDCC 2015, a Captain America mug that my parents brought back from Disneyland (they went without me!), and a sonic screwdriver
  10. A globe
    And a Dalek
  11. A medal from the 5K I ran in Thessaloniki