Literally and figuratively
  1. Fuuuuhhhhhh.......
  2. I was weak I hadn't slept in a week
  3. What'd I miss?
  4. What comes next?
  5. Shhh I know, I know
  6. It's a blur, sir
  7. I may have punched him
  8. All he had to do was die. That's a lot less work, we ought to give it a try.
  9. Talk less
  10. Death doesn't discriminate
  11. I've got so much on my plate
  12. Two pints of Sam Adams and I'm workin on three
  13. I'll be there in just a minute, save my plate
  14. Raise a glass to freedom, something you will never see again
  15. Who are you
  16. I'm young scrappy and hungry
  17. I'm not throwing away my shot
  18. I'm 'a get a scholarship
    With all that financial aid that they don't offer
  19. Why so sad
  20. I thought we had an arrangement
  21. I walk these streets famished
  22. They tax us relentlessly
  23. What is going on?
  24. Man saw his future drip dripping down the drain
    Suggested by @azilat
  25. This kid is insane, man
    Suggested by @azilat
  26. I will lay down my life if it sets us free
    Suggested by @azilat
  27. Do or die
    Suggested by @azilat
  28. Geniuses, lower your voices
    Suggested by @azilat
  29. We'll never be truly free
    Suggested by @azilat
  30. I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory
    Suggested by @azilat
  31. I don't have a dollar to my name
    Suggested by @azilat
  32. In need of a shower
  33. Awesome, wow.