1. Florble
  2. Taliza saucepan
    Taliza has to stand
  3. Padio Shack
    "Radio Shack" we were in Greece and the letter that looks like a p makes an r sound
  4. Chicken Drills
    Shooting drills... gotta love water polo
  5. I forgot how much Jews were.
    I forgot how much DUES were.
  6. Lentils
  7. Breakfast Graphs
  8. Tree dust
    Leaves, Taliza. The word you are looking for is leaves.
  9. Foot Pants
  10. Wood diabetes
  11. There is a piano on top
    There is a hand on top
  12. The Lin-Manuel
  13. I just peed out that whole box of cereal
    I just ate that whole box of cereal
  14. The cigarette on the bottom
    The sticker on the bottom
  15. She thought this was a small hand. It's cow utters.
  16. Hand toes
  17. I can't remember what this one was but I'm pretty sure it had to do with pee. UPDATE: at the price of my soul I have learned that the phrase was "Latino Carmel".
    I have been informed that it had nothing to do with pee but Taliza still won't tell me what it was.
  18. "We don't sell cars, we sell people."
  19. "My sister is pregnant"
    She actually said "I'm wearing the letters"
  20. Smart Smart
  21. Cannibal Barbecue Sauce
  22. Doubular
    "W" is apparently no longer part of the alphabet
  23. My tacos are coming out
    Idk but they were making pizza so apron ably something about that?
  24. The salary for raiders is -$2000
    "The salary for writers is -$2000" she thought he said Raiders... as in the football team.
  25. He lost a spare bed? Ohhh Spare ribs?
    Our water polo coach dropped his spearmint gum.
  26. Did you get olives today
    Did you get let out [of the pool during the water polo tournament] today
  27. "A salizzle of pazizzle"
    I don't know what thought process there was to make her think this was an acceptable way to say she's grab "a slice of pizza" but here we are with a salizzle of pazizzle"
  28. "A toothpick with tic-tacs on each end but if they were fluffy"
    She wanted a Q-tip
  29. "What are those other pancakes called...?"
    Waffles. The word you are looking for is waffles.
  30. A guest appearance form Ari