I'm flying home for Labor Day and I didn't tell my parents so I'm just going to show up and surprise them 😬
  1. Shoot I didn't put that I have global entry on my ticket so now I have to wait in the normal security line
  2. Do I need to take my glasses off?
    I just got glasses so I've never flown with them
  3. That guy left his glasses on so I'll leave mine
  4. Nice, didn't have to take them off
  5. Where is my gate
  6. There is my gate
  7. I should probably change
  8. Is that an outlet? That's an outlet. I need that outlet.
  9. I'm going to practice that magic trick @Pusheen taught me the other night
  10. I should get a bagel
  11. That guy is eyeing my outlet, but I need my phone charged
  12. I'll ask this guy if he will watch my stuff
    I can see my bags from the bagel place too so...
  13. Ok now I have a bagel
  14. I have to pee
  15. But then I'll have to actually move all my stuff because I can't see my bags from the bathroom
    And I'll loose my outlet
  16. I'll wait until it's closer to boarding time
  17. My phone is at 32%.... This is going to be a long 8 hours
  18. I should get off my phone and let it charge
  19. Alright I'm going to go to the bathroom
  20. Ayeeee my outlet is still open 🙌
  21. Oh good we are boarding
  22. Flight one begins
  23. OOOoohhh the seats have screens! I can watch a movie!
  24. Jokes, mine doesn't work... I guess staring at my reflection in the non working screen for three hours is fun too...
  25. One flight down, one to go
  26. I should get a coffee
  27. No I shouldn't, I want to sleep when I get home
  28. Getting on flight two!
  29. Awww no movies on this flight either
  30. They have to turn off the A/C to start one of the engines????????
  31. ???? ???????
  32. ?? ???!!!????!? ???
  33. Apparently the air and engines are working now so....
  34. I don't know what just happened but the flight attendant and some guy two rows in front of me just made a really loud high five
  35. We have landed! Time to go home!!!
    I can't wait to get in my bed
  36. Let me off please
  37. Bed
  38. Sleep
  39. Bed
  40. Still on the plane
  41. Same to whatever is making that windshield wiper noise
  42. I'm of the plane!!!
  43. Finally on the way home
    My dad picked me up, I told him I was coming so they wouldn't go out of town but my mom has no clue I'm coming home
  44. Time to go say hi to the madre
  45. Omg she just stared at me for like 20 seconds, put her glasses on and continued to stare, and then proceeded to say "what the fu** are you doing home??!!) and then jumped up yelling and hugged me 😂😂😂
  46. Now she's showing me all the stuff she just bought for her classroom
    She stared teaching again this year
  47. Omg mom we can do this tomorrow it's 4am Connecticut time I'm literally dying
  48. I love this shower oh my god
  49. Bed
  50. Bed
  51. Bed
  52. Time to sleep thank god